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Towards an XML distributed Web Based Electronic Patient Record EPR – A Human Factor Assessment

Project Abstract

Nowadays, many governments worldwide have invested in large projects to computerize Healthcare in their countries. This computerization is based on the XML technology. XML has proved to be a universal language for the exchange of information. Such computerization is not simple and besides the technology challenges it will face, there are many other issues that still need more time and effort to consider and to plan for. This project will try to highlight some of the challenges in such implementation and it will take my region as a third world example. Specifically, the project will look at:
- The Human Factor : this factor will include:
o Acceptance of the new system by patients: protecting patients’ critical information.
o Acceptance of the new system by doctors, nurses and other staff members: they have to do lots of typing. They have to depend mostly on electronic data and not on paper data. They need to be trained. They need now some computer skills besides medicine. Will they have the time and motivation to use computers?
o Applicability of the various security and confidentiality issues on staff members. These issues should be easy and fast to use so that they will make life easy for the human factor. But, on the same time they should be effective.
- Create a prototype that will demonstrate the benefits of the new system through prototyping. The prototype will try to prove the usefulness of such a system by showing friendliness, easiness of data input, benefits of paperless offices, and the lots of decisions that can easily be gathered and deducted from such system.
- Gathering user input through interactive surveys that reflects the opinions of doctors, nurses, staff members as well as patients.

Surveys released for this project:
HealthCareSurvey 53
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