University of Virginia

Project Description

As a group we are looking at Affirmative Action through a semester of research, statistical analysis, and debates among our peers we will determine if policy/law in place for affimative action should be changed. By the termination of this semester we intend to propose new legislation based on our findings.

Project Abstract

Affirmative action is comprised of programs and policies that grant favorable treatment on the basis of race or gender

Focus: where the decision to grant employment, promotion, or admission is impacted by a person’s race or gender

Current Government Legislation:
· Discrimination in the private sector is not directly constrained by the Constitution but has become subject to a growing body of federal and state statutes.
· 14th Amendment explicitly prohibits states from violating an individual’s right of due process and equal protection.
· The Supreme Court upheld the affirmative action policies of the Department of Transportation of a Midwest state.
· “The Supreme Court will decide by June if race can be used in college admissions, an issue that the justices have dealt with only once before, in a cloudy 1978 ruling that led to more confusion.” (William Mears, CNN)
o The University of Michigan is defending itself against charges that it rejected white students because of their race.

Surveys released for this project:
Affirmative Action 25
affirmative action2 25
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