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Project Description

The Social Responsibility Barcode Project

Project Abstract

This project was inititiated by Professor Dara O'Rourke (Environmental Labor & Policy Dept. at UC Berkeley) and Dr. Alastair Iles to address the need for consumers to know more about the impacts on communities and the environment caused by the manufacturing, use and disposal of the products they buy. This project aims to empower consumers by facilitating access to information that will help consumers make purchases that support their values.

There are two components of this project: the needs assessment phase will take place in the fall semester; the design and prototyping phase will be implemented during the spring semester. The aim of the user needs assessment project is to learn more about our targeted users' purchasing behaviors and preferences, and to find out what kinds of information would help them make more informed purchases. The aim of the design phase will be to produce a proof-of-concept prototype using an iterative design and user testing process.

Surveys released for this project:
The Social Responsibility Barcode Project 39
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