Eastern Michigan University

Project Description

Research project on college women's understanding of relationship between cigarette smoking and development of cervical dysplasia/cancer

Project Abstract

The goal of the Phase I is to develop and feasibility-test an innovative and motivating web-based program that can capitalize on a “teachable moment”—that is, upon diagnosis of cervical dysplasia—to 1) educate college women smokers that cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer are smoking-related conditions; 2) make them aware that likelihood of persistence or progression of dysplasia can be reduced by smoking cessation; 3) increase their readiness to quit smoking by addressing barriers and incentives to smoking cessation; and 4) provide information about and access to behavioral and pharmacological stop-smoking resources matched to their needs (based on degree of nicotine dependence, preference for individual vs. group vs. web-based interventions, proximity and availability of transportation, etc.). To optimize the effectiveness and appeal of the website, we plan to seek feedback by conducting this Preliminary Survey in a population of college women that will indicate level of awareness of the link between smoking and cervical cancer and receptivity to a web-based approach.

Surveys released for this project:
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