University of Michigan/Irish Family Planning Association

Project Description

This summer, the IFPA decided to focus their efforts on initiating a research base within their clinics. In order to gain feedback on their information services, it was deemed necessary to evaluate their website. Thus, using this service, it may be possible to evaluate the IFPA's Website through the use of a survey designed using QuestionPro.

Project Abstract

In 2003, the IFPA's website will be evaluated by clients and others surfing the web who chosse to aprtake in the survey. This project will be done using convenience sampling and last for a duration of 6 months.
The goal of this research is to:
-determine clients opinions on the newly redone website
-gather clients opinions on the IFPA's website and information throughout the website, including all links and information services
-gain feedback on what links and information clients want put on the website

Surveys released for this project:
Website Evaluation 6
Client Services Survey 39
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