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Project Description

The survey is for the dissertation element of a master's degree in Total Quality Management & Business Excellence

Project Abstract

The EFQM Excellence Model is in use in many authorities throughout the UK. The Government recommends the use of the Model in both “Modern Local Government: In Touch with the People”, and “Strong Local Leadership, Quality Public Services”, as a tool to facilitate continuous improvement in providing ‘best value’ services.

Some authorities have come under criticism for not being sufficiently challenging in their modernising programme and for not embracing performance management as a tool to facilitate change through learning and innovation.

This questionnaire seeks to understand the relationship between the use of the Model and innovation in local government service provision. It seeks to ascertain your views and experiences of using the Model, and to assess the effectiveness of the Model as not only a measurable model of continuous improvement but one that can be used to measure innovation. The findings from this survey will be used to identify good practice that other authorities can learn from.

Surveys released for this project:
Innovation and Excellence 42
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