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Cadillac Case Study

Project Abstract

The Task
Your challenge is to create a consumer-focused marketing plan for the 2008 CTS that supports the launch
of the new vehicle, showcases its new features and attributes, focusing on how they are relevant to the
target audience, and all the while, reinforces the new �Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit� campaign positioning in
a way that appeals to the target customer.
To be considered a success, the 2008 CTS launch will positively impact Cadillac�s key marketing goals:
1) Increase Cadillac�s conquest rate (i.e., �Conquests� are luxury car category intenders who currently
do not drive or own a Cadillac.) - less than half of Cadillac sales are conquest compared to nearly
two thirds of sales of tier one competitors
2) Decrease the average age of Cadillac consumers � the median age of the Cadillac customer is on
average ten years older than tier one competitors
3) Improve the image and reputation of the Cadillac brand - a third of luxury sedan buyers do not
choose to shop Cadillac because of the brand�s image/reputation
Assume a $30MM media budget to support both a traditional (print, radio, TV, outdoor, events, product
placement) and non-traditional (guerilla activity, internet blogs, experiential) marketing plan. Assume that
production costs to support the recommended plan (i.e. production of TV commercials and photo shoots)
are outside of this budget. Any costs to support recommended alliances, spokespeople or co-marketing
opportunities must be included in this $30MM budget. For reference, Exhibit 3 lists average planning costs
associated with select national television day parts, as well as a wide variety of magazines.
The deliverables must include:
1. A communications strategy for the 2008 CTS launch (choose the target market(s) [Move-Ups, Busy
Moms, Alphas, Boomers and Loyalist] for your strategy)
2. The creative brief(s) for advertising (the advertising objective, audience, message, sample creative
and support). For a sample creative brief, please go to and
click on �Case Study Docs�
3. A detailed media plan, identifying costs, timing and message; and
4. Any relevant measures to gauge your plan�s effectiveness.
Cadillac is looking for a big idea that has the potential to �change the game.�

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