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Project Description

Measuring the possible preference for a new healthier lunch alternative in the Greater London market.

Project Abstract

Our hypothesis is there is unmet demand for a “healthier convenient lunch alternative” (HCLA) in the greater London market. This question is of great interest to current industry participants looking for future growth as well as potential new market entrants. Similar HCLA offerings are one of the fastest growing food segments in the US market where a premium is achievable when delivering healthier options to discerning consumers, conscious of both health and convenience. However a “like” offering of quality, convenience and price is curiously absence in the London market. Is this due to the lack of consumer preference for such a combination that restricts providers’ ability to deliver such an offering?

Current secondary information available does not address demand for this new HCLA concept directly nor is it at the market level to sufficiently satisfy our client’s phase 1 research needs. Therefore, a combination of secondary research and primary research is required to address this demand issue in greater detail. The secondary research and literature review will establish the market, comparative offerings and alternatives and precedent research findings. The primary research, in the form of a consumer survey and an expert interview will explore further the tolerances and demand within this specific HCLA segment as it correlates to current products.

The final findings are a first step in a phased feasibility methodology and will provide an assessment of demand and the ranges within quality, convenience and price that would be acceptable to deliver a new HCLA offering within the City of London lunch market.

Surveys released for this project:
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