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Survey of Anatomy Demonstratorships in the United Kingdom & Ireland

Project Abstract

Introduction: Anatomy Demonstrators are usually medically-qualified graduates who teach human anatomy to undergraduate medical students whilst studying for postgraduate examinations, predominantly in surgery. Often such academic posts are honorary, do not attract a stipend and are not recognised for surgical training by the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (RCS). They are, however, highly regarded by the RCS. However, as part of the new surgical syllabus prompted by Modernizing Medical Careers (MMC), a period of demonstrating anatomy integral to Core Surgical Training (CT) rotation has been recommended by the RCS.
Aim: This survey will investigate the provision of Anatomy Demonstrator posts in all Departments of Anatomy within the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Methods: All Heads of Department of Anatomy within the United Kingdom and Ireland will be contacted by e-mail and invited to complete an online survey provided by QuestionPro at . This survey will request details about the number of Anatomy Demonstrator posts, the duties, remuneration and whether these posts are linked to a recognised CT.
Results: The results will be submitted to the Journal of Anatomy or Clinical Anatomy for publication.

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