University of New Orleans

Project Description

This assignment is a team assignment and is to examine the process of providing higher education and its related products (research and economic development) at the University of New Orleans and to determine if it is a quality program as determined by some of the typical quality service measures.

Project Abstract

This assignment will have several distinct parts;

1. Develop a chart for the process necessary to provide higher education at UNO (process or flow chart).

2. Define Quality for Higher Education at UNO. Apply some of the types of definitions studied to UNO.

3. Develop Functional Relationship Chart between the core/support functions (identified in the process chart, step 1.) and those responsible for those functions. Get input from instructor before proceeding to next step.

4. Develop a method on how you will do an overall evaluation and how you might address specific areas for improvement (that is the grade will be for higher education in general but you can focus on one of the core or support functions as a major area of research). Provide justification on why you chose that specific area and how you can make an overall determination while primarily focusing on one area.

5. From your definition of core and support functions (step 1.) and your definition of Quality (step 2) develop a survey for students so that “the Voice of the Customer” gets directly into the evaluation process. Get input from instructor prior to using the questionnaire.

6. Do additional research, as necessary, to determine overall or specific evaluation of functions. This research can include information that can not always be gleaned from students (such as UNO national rankings, ratings by employers, etc.)

7. From the results of research (surveys, etc.) place core and staff (or selected core and staff) functions on a Quality Grid. If selected functions, justify why chosen.

8. Use the Q. Grid and other data analyzing tools (Pareto, etc.) on the research results to select three areas which need improvement. Try to pick those which can be improved easily (low hanging fruit).

9. Develop solutions and recommendations (use Q. tools such as brain storming, fishbone diagrams, etc. as appropriate).

Surveys released for this project:
Quality in Higher Ed 6
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