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Project Description

Branding strategies for MNCs in emerging markets - The case of fashion in Vietnam

Project Abstract

The thesis deals with the topic of branding strategies of MNCs in emerging market, taking the case of foreign fashion/clothing brands in Vietnam as empirical background. The research approach first starts with general perceptions of doing business strategy in emerging markets, then is narrowed down to branding strategies, and then to the element of consumer perception as an influential factor in the branding choice of MNCs in emerging markets. Besides, suitable entry modes for the brand strategies, particularly concerning distribution, are also discussed. Based on those discussions, a conceptual framework for branding of foreign fashion products will be built. A consumer survey is then conducted to test the assumptions about consumer in the framework. Interviews with selected foreign brands representatives are also conducted to gather data. Based on those findings, the framework is reviewed and a conclusion is drawn.

Surveys released for this project:
Foreign Fashion Brands in Vietnam NEW 54
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