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Project Description

Online Music Download Service

Managerial Issue:
-Is there a market for “legal online music download service”?

- Who would use the online music service?
- How much will they pay?
- How frequently will they use?
- Are people aware of the current legal online music service?
- Will people use the legal online service if the file-sharing sites are still available?
- What complimentary products and delivery channels can foster this market?

Research Objective:
- To determine the potential of “legal online music download service”

Hypothesis #1:
- There is a market for “legal online music download service”
- For example:
- People are aware of online music service
- People are aware of legal online music service
- People are willing to pay for the online music service

Hypothesis #2:
- The legal online music download service requires complimentary products or services
- For example:
- Broadband users are more likely to use legal online music service
- A rampant usage of 3G mobile devices will speed up adoption of legal online music downloads
- A standard format will increase the demand for legal online music service

Data/information required:
- Consumers’ awareness of online music download service (especially, the legal issue) and their willingness to pay for this service
- The correlation of complimentary products with the legal online music download service

Research Design:
- Secondary data from Internet and other resources
- Interviews
- Survey

Project Abstract

At this point in time we have not completed our abstract, but the project description above is a general form of our abstract.

Surveys released for this project:
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