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Project Description

Researching the feasibility of Michelob Ultra entering the Canadian market. And if so, under what conditions.

Project Abstract

The Research Problems/Questions
In attempting to assess the opportunity for Michelob Ultra in Canada, a number of questions will need to be asked. The method for this will be comprised of secondary data finding, as well as descriptive data finding through potential surveys and focus group questionnaires. We also hope to conduct taste tests. Through these methods we will hope to gain information about:
Brand Awareness: How well known is Michelob in Canada? How is Michelob perceived? Have people heard of Michelob Ultra? If so, what have they heard about it? (Would a change of name for the beer in Canada be feasible?)
Target Consumer: How many people are “health-conscious” in Canada? How many people in Canada are currently on low carbohydrate diets? Why do people not drink beer? (Fattening, don’t like taste, etc?) Would people be willing to switch to a low carbohydrate beer? Beer drinkers vs. “Drink” drinkers. Feasibility of taste as well as alcohol content (Anheuser-Busch beers in Canada tend to be of higher alcohol content).
Location: Where would be ideal test markets? How large should test markets be?

Surveys released for this project:
Beer and Lifestyle 42
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