University Of Abertay Dundee

Project Description

A research study into Vidual Performance with the assistance of live events.

Project Abstract

Video is so pervasive in late twentieth-century life that many of its effects are taken for granted and rendered almost invisible. This paradox of invisibility is the height of irony as television was intended as a means of transmitting vision in its immediacy over potentially great distances. Television, with its propaganda and advertising, its prepackaged program segments, and its louder-than-real-commercials, becomes most vital when it fulfills its potential for real-time reportage and on-the-spotness. The Kennedy assassinations, the moon landing and Apollos beyond, the Watergate hearings, and the Iran-Contra investigations galvanized a population anesthetized by touchdowns, homeruns and excessive beer. But even Space Shuttle missions become narrated as though sporting events until we are stunned to momentary inaction by tragedy. The sense of immediacy in television is so inherent that we must be reminded when something "has been recorded previously especially for broadcast at this time

Surveys released for this project:
Visual Performance 14
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