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Project Description

One of the aspects of educational leadership and planning that is highly significant as well as often overlooked is the idea that the physical design and organization of the learning environment can have a profound impact on the success of the students and faculty of a school. The purpose of this study is to examine the perceptions and attitudes of elementary school facility designers, elementary school teachers, and elementary school administrators regarding three progressively specific sets of school facility design principles. These design standards include: six general design principles produced by the US department of Education (1999), 33 broad design principles (Lackney and Tanner, 2003), and 86 elementary K-5 specific design principles (University of Georgia School Design and Planning Laboratory, 2000).
The production of a design of an “ideal” elementary school will be based on an analysis and synthesis of the above referenced design principles and related literature in conjunction with the feedback from the survey of school facility design experts and elementary education professionals.

Project Abstract

Surveys released for this project:
Survey of Perspectives of School Planners and Prof 135
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