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Project Description

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Project Abstract

Aims and Objectives

The title and aim for the final thesis is:

“Analyse the effectiveness of media advertising as undertaken by select private car dealerships in Scotland.”

This will look to compare three differing ‘sizes’ of private dealerships that operate in the Aberdeen area.

This draws up the following objectives that need to be satisfied:

· Identify the current state of the motor industry in Scotland
· Reveal the main dealer groups with reference to market size in Scotland
· Review the use of advertising media
· Reveal what media is considered best effective
· Identify what media in available in Scotland
· Identify what dealerships use advertising for and why they use that medium

These objectives have to be identified in order to highlight any current issues surrounding the market place and to show the varying sizes of franchised dealer groups in Scotland. It also aims to show what media is available for use in the area and from that what is considered to be best effective. It will also demonstrate why these dealerships need to use media advertising and show their views upon what is best effective for their needs.

Surveys released for this project:
Thesis 16
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