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Project Description

The project is a final thesis paper which is completed over a course of a year and includes a survey to be used as primary data. The survey is used to validate the research as well as to prove or disprove the hypothesis made.

Project Abstract

So, you just wrote that amazing report on the state of intellectual property on the Internet and now you want to share it with the world. You recently created an awe inspiring jpeg or gif that took you months and months to render just right and now you want to share that with the world too. You finally decided to sit down and write that novel you’ve been promising yourself for the last 15 years and you’ve heard about the Internet and the great editing tool out there. The quickest way to get your art out there is by placing into your own personal website on the Internet. You get it up there and you’re proud. People have commented on your works of art for a few weeks and you’re comfortable knowing that people can appreciate your artistic ability. However, one day you sit down and happen to be browsing the Internet when you come across your work, on someone else’s website. There is no credit given, no permission was handed out on your part, but still it’s there in plain site with their name on it. Steaming with anger you find a contact e-mail address and write a letter to the owner of the site only to get a response that basically tells you “too bad, so sad” and claims that the Internet is “public domain” therefore everything is up for grabs. What do you do now? How do you protect yourself in the future? Did you know that you’re protected? Intellectual property is any form of human intellect that can be held as a unique, new and innovative form of property that holds some value in the social marketplace. Individual ideas, inventions, computer code/programs, formal names, written work or artistic expressions all fall under the tangible state of intellectual property. They are something that one can claim ownership for and can be traded in the social marketplace for compensation of good work. With the concept of intellectual property come certain rights to the creator that allow sole propriety to do with as they please, to sell and to distribute as they please.

Surveys released for this project:
Intellectual Property 33
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