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Project Description

Thesis relative to the assessement of online advertising from a consumer point of view

Project Abstract

The ongoing and impressive expansion of Internet through the last decade has enabled the global electronic market to expand and to trigger an evolution with powerful implications (M. Komenar, 1997). Indeed, according to V.A Shiva (1997), Internet can be considered as a “vehicle for communication and publicity”.
However, several studies have recognized that the measurement of the effectiveness of e- advertising is a “ fairly immature state” (R. Kalakota, A.B Whinston, 1999). Indeed, the majority of research on the effectiveness of advertising tools has only focused on the response rates obtained through these means, providing only a very rational assessment of the customers’ attitudes toward these techniques. As a result, as “ single measure cannot provide a internet picture of advertising”(G. Baltas, 2003), further studies need to be implemented in order to assess its real impact on consumers perception of a brand.
Therefore, this research will aim to provide a better understanding of their perceptions and behaviour towards Internet advertising. These findings should fill in the gap of previous research described by G.Baltas (2003) by drawing conclusions concerning the efficiency of these techniques on brand awareness and loyalty.
Last but not least, in order to improve the validity of this research, the observation will be implemented in two countries (Ireland and France) enabling to collect a larger variety of attitudes and behaviours towards the e-advertising

Surveys released for this project:
Online advertising 19
Internet Advertising survey 0
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