Minnesota State University, Mankato

Project Description

Training Needs and Distance Learning Preferences of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Experts

Project Abstract

This survey will be used to gather relevant data/information necessary to the development of course curriculum and post-Master's degree certificate program(s) for vocational rehabilitation professionals who provide expert testimony within legal settings (e.g. personal injury, employment law, discrimination, marital dissolution, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, product liability, and related areas) involving individuals who have incurred injuries, are disabled, or who have died. The forensic vocational rehabilitation expert provides opinions utilized by the court in determining the extent of losses (physical, mental, familial, economic, etc.), potential for future employment (if able), and the economic value of measurable losses incurred (both past, from date of incident until trial, and future, from date of trial until the individuals death). This effort in providing academic-based continuing education and advanced graduate education for these professionals, is intended to enhance the quality of expert opinions being offered to the courts and to increase the availability of qualified professionals to provide these services to both State and Federal courts, Social Security Administration, and in comparable venues.

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