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this is a senior project for graduating from my school. We are required to conduct research as part of our project we have to design.

Project Abstract

Celestial Seasonings Kiosk Concept Statement
Chloe Melvin
Celestial Seasonings is a company that produces tea and herbal products. They also offer just about anything imaginable that can go along with tea from coasters to teapots. The mission of the company is to produce products that are “superior in quality, of good value, beautifully artistic, and philosophically inspiring.” They also try to achieve a personal goal of being an environmentally friendly or “green” company. I have approached the problem of designing a kiosk for this company by addressing these concerns.
First of all, the kiosk will be able to show several of the products within 1000 cubic feet. Products will be shown in every direction on several shelves encircling the kiosk. There is also plenty of storage on the interior, where the celestial employee will run the kiosk also serving samples of tea. The employee on the interior has thirty six square feet within the kiosk to perform his or her duties.
The kiosk is related to the Celestial Seasonings Company in that it is shaped like a honey dipper, which is often related to drinking tea. The kiosk is very recognizable to customers not only by the products displayed, but within the design of the kiosk. There is a large company logo above the transaction counter showing their most popular tea mascot, the “Sleepy Time Bear.” The poles of the kiosk represent the second most popular tea, peppermint. The kiosk is also philosophically inspiring because there are famous quotes written along the perimeter of the shelving of the kiosk. This will allow the customers to be reminiscent of drinking their famous Celestial teas while reading famous thought inspiring quotes.
The kiosk is “green” in that it is made out of environmentally friendly materials. Most of the kiosk is constructed out of compressed wheat board and recycled aluminum. Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint has been specified for covering the wheat board. Last but not least, the countertop within the kiosk is made out of recycled glass terrazzo.

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