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Project Description

The subjects engaged in actual perusal of two digital newspapers. Subsequently, an online survey was constructed using after the subjects had been exposed to the digital news media that focused primarily on questions of user attitudes toward the digital news media usage.

Project Abstract

According to Liaw (2002), “Understanding why people accept or reject information technology has proven to be one of the most important and challenging issues in information system research” (p. 18). The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), developed by Richard Bagozzi and Fred Davis (Bagozzi, Davis & Warshaw, 1992; Davis, 1989), has sought to understand user attitudes and to explain usage behavior in the field of information technology. This research study extended and helped to validate further the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in the context of digital news media usage. The analysis focused primarily on user acceptance of online digital newspapers versus other news communication media. The pilot and empirical studies similarly involved two-fold processes: First, a random sample of volunteer subjects engaged in the actual usage of 2 online digital newspapers. Subsequently, a survey that focused primarily on perceived usefulness (PU), perceived ease of use (PEU), user attitudes (A), and behavioral intentions (BI) toward the digital news media usage was conducted after the subjects had been exposed to the new digital news media technology. Results of this empirical study were expected to show that favorable acceptance of a new computer technology may be directly related to the user’s previous computer experience and knowledge. In addition, results were expected to show that perceived usefulness (PU) and perceived ease of use (PEU) are related to favorable attitudes toward digital news media technology as discussed in the TAM.

Surveys released for this project:
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