University of Illinois at Chicago

Project Description

This survey is designed to to test the psychological contract of employees (the perceived expectations held by the employee).

Project Abstract

The psychological contract involves expected obligations that develop between the employee and employer. Previous research on psychological contracts has predominately focused on contract violations. Although previous research has demonstrated the importance of the psychological contract by exploring the impact of contract violations, Rousseau (2001) has issued a call for research on psychological contract fulfillment. She contends that focusing on mutual agreement of the employee and employer on the obligations of the relationship will provide key insights on how to develop and maintain mutually beneficial employment relations (Rousseau, 2001). Little is known about what antecedents cause mutual agreement regarding the obligations of the psychological contract. In an effort to increase our understanding of effective employment relationships, we develop and test a model of psychological contract fulfillment based on communication.

Surveys released for this project:
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