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Project Description

As part of my studies, I have to write a thesis. Mine is about about Google and more precisely why and how Google has managed to be so successful to both consumer and business audiences.

Project Abstract

Topic: The search Engine Google

Subject: Why and how Google has managed to become the number 1 search engine in the World?

Keywords: eBusiness, marketing mix, positioning, communication strategy, on-line strategy, search engine marketing (SEM), product strategy (business and consumer), price strategy, branding.

Most of the start-ups mainly relied on online advertising as their primary source of revenue and many also spent a lot of money for advertising their brand. However, Google did not do so – and is still rated as the world’s most preferred search engine. Why and how Google imposed itself as the reference search engine in the world?

Google is probably the world’s favourite search engine but it is also a cheap and extremely performing strategic promotion tool. Integrating Google’s advertising solutions such as Adword and Adsense allowed companies all over the world to increase both traffic and revenue. Why are these advertising solutions so successful to businesses? What are the advantages of using these solutions? What are the limits of this model?

As a « high tech » company, Google continually has to develop its technology and innovate with new products or services. With companies like Yahoo Search, AltaVista or Overture, competition is rough and the smallest strategic mistake can generate great losses both financially and in terms of “preference”. Considering the technology trends, what would be Google’s upcoming opportunities?

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