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Hi there we are studying an mba and have a group survey on Stewardship to send out. I would like our trial upgraded to an academic membership as we would like to obtain more than 100 results.

Project Abstract


You are required to write an integrated and well-argued 15-page critique on the statement
below, which relates to the Championing Stewardship, Shared Vision & Results Delivery dimensions of STEWARDSHIP. Your arguments and counter-arguments should all be substantiated by academic literature, and you are encouraged to be critical in your stance (exploring and questioning, and presenting both sides to arguments in academic-, your- and others insights). To add credibility to your answer to the statement below, as a group you are required to collect a minimum of 100 completed questionnaires (provided for you below) relating to Championing Stewardship, Shared Vision & Results Delivery (the 100 completed questionnaires should be in your appendix). In addition, your final 15-page paper should contain rigorous descriptive statistics, compiled from the analysis of the questionnaire data you collected.

Statement: “Being publicly seen to deliver results relating to stewardship is positively correlated to the building of an inclusive community. Through
feedback and purposeful action to measure and monitor results in the
various dimensions of stewardship, individual and collective
accountability are engendered”

The group assignment (worth 30% of the total CLL mark) will be graded in the following manner:

- Relevant use of theory, academic references and literature ………. 6%
- Understanding of the linkage, and challenges, between
results delivery, individual- and collective accountability ……….... 7%
- Quality and depth of quantitative analysis …….……………………... 10 %
- Level of critique and challenging insights relating to the
unpacking of the quantitative analysis ..……….…….………………... 7 %

Surveys released for this project:
Stewardship 44
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