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Finding out people’s opinion about the new 2005 compact version of the Hummer, the H3, has been our mission for the past three weeks. To complete our project “Will the H3 succeed”, we adopted a pluralistic research approach, which combines both qualitative and quantitative methods. We started with qualitative research in order to gain first hand knowledge of Hummer’s niche market. Starting with some exploratory research, we visited the only Hummer dealer in Quebec, Plaza Hummer Chevrolet Cadillac in order to gain background information about their products. We performed an in-depth interview with Robert Laplante, the only sales representative for Hummer in the entire province. He gave us some insights of the real beat of the market as well as some information about his clients. We also had the opportunity to experience a test drive with the H2 vehicle (since the H3 is not yet on the market). We got a feel of what kind of driving experience consumers seek when purchasing a Hummer. The second step in our qualitative research was to conduct focus groups. The objectives of these sessions were to understand potential consumers’ feelings about the Hummer, to find out their needs and to generate fresh ideas. In this report, you will find the methodology of our focus groups, a report of emerging themes as well as general consensuses shared by the participants.

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