University of Phoenix

Project Description

1. Research Report

Prepare a 4,550-6,300-word final Research Report using the format of a long technical report described in Chapter 20 of the text. This is a cumulative report incorporating the previous deliverables, including instructor feedback and corrections. Include an implementation plan with the schedule, budget, and benefits as part of your recommendations.

Project Abstract

The purpose of this research study is to obtain approval for implementing organizational and procedural changes for the Dallas/Fort Worth Design Guide. The long-term goal is to accelerate the public visibility and market prevalence of the Design Guide beyond that of its competitors and enable the magazine to regain its competitive edge within two years.
The attached research report provides a thorough overview of the recommended strategies in the execution of this venture. This plan includes: a list of general objectives, a general strategy, target markets, methods of research and analysis, budget, and appropriate recommendations and organizational implications in the execution of this plan.
It is recommended that this plan be approved and implemented as soon as possible due to the precise nature of the timing involved in its implementation.

Surveys released for this project:
DG - Employee Survey 22
DG - Customer Survey - 16
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