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Project Description

Deodorants: Other Brands within the category

There is variety - Axe, Denim, Rexona and Impulse from HLL, Fa range from Henkel SPIC, the Arctic Ice range from the ISPL stable, Spinz from CavinKare, and other niche products from the likes of Baccarose, CavinKare etc.

Methodology to be used:
Focussed group discussions
· Key product attributes for positioning
· Profile of the target segment
· Brand awareness, Brand image
· Usage pattern
· Positioning of the Competitors, Substitutes

Collection of Primary & Secondary data,
· Questionnaire based survey
· Journals
· News Magazines
· Internet Articles

Critical analysis of the positioning of the “Axe” brand
· Whether its successful from company's view point
· Whether its successful from customer's view point
· Reasons for success / failure

Conclusions and Recommendations
· Portfolio analysis of the HLL brands in the product category
· In depth market analysis using data collected

Project Abstract

When the sun shines high and bright, and the perspiration comes pouring down it brings along with it some not pleasant smells. But not if you use deodorants.
Still a nascent product category, deodorants have been in the organized market since 1996, when Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) introduced Rexona into the domestic market. The present Indian deodorants market is estimated to be of Rs. 75 crores and it is growing at the rate of 40-42 per cent per annum in volume and value. Of the Rs 75-crore market, HLL claims a 69-70 per cent market share, and of this, the Rexona brand accounts for 39 per cent. HLL launched Axe in India in the deodorant form in late 1999, and it has been stupendously successful. In just 4 years from the launch, Axe is now firmly number 2 in the Deodorants market, just marginally behind market leader Rexona.
We try to gain insights into the positioning strategy of the Axe brand and the present deodorant market environment. Axe is promoted extensively through its various advertising campaigns; this may provides us with the information on the positioning image that the HLL is trying to establish in the minds of the consumers.

Surveys released for this project:
Maketing concept 30
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