How it Works?

Banner tables allow you to visualize and view your data relative to a single question. For example, if in your survey,Where are you from? - The answer options are:

  • North-West
  • West Coast
  • Mountain States
  • Mid-West
  • South
  • East Coast
  • North-East

Banner tables can allow you to visualize how respondents from each of these criterias responded to all the questions without having to create groups and segments for each option. This question that you segment the rest of the survey on, is called the Pivot Question.

Advantages of Banner Tables

  • Excel Integration:

    Banner Table reports are integrated with Excel. This gives you the advantage of manupilating the graphs by simply editing the relative fields in the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Process Automation and Optimization:

    Banner Tables streamline/automate the process of generating segmented reports and Excel integration. The key processes that are optimized are:

    • Segmentation:

      You do not need to setup Groups for segmenting the data. You are instead given a one-click solution.

    • Data Entry:

      You do not need to manually input data into Excel. Banner Table reports provide you an Excel spreadsheet with pre-populated data.

    • Configuring Charts:

      Banner Table reports provide you with Excel charts that are already configured to be rendered based on appropriate data fields within the spreadsheet.

    The above processes are extremely time consuming if done manually.
  • On Demand Delivery:

    The segmented report is instantly delivered to your inbox.

  • Off-Line Access:

    Once the report is delivered to your inbox, you can then view it off-line. This is especially useful in meetings/presentations where internet access may not be available.