On June 8th, 11am PST WorkXO and QuestionPro Workforce are doing a webinar on better performance management –
The Secret to Better Performance Management
The speakers will explore:

Why culture is at the heart of better performance management
The correct role for compensation in performance reviews
Why customization wins over consistent systems
What Millennials expect out of all this


In case you haven’t seen it, the Wounded Warrior Project (a national charity supporting veterans) has been in the spotlight in the last few months, and not in a good way. The New York Times reported in January that they were spending too much money on lavish staff retreats and first-class airline tickets. There were also some shady comments from recent employees about the culture there (more on that in a minute)….

There is growing evidence that organizational culture matters more than it ever has, hence why you should be measuring culture. It might just be one of the last remaining places where you company can derive a true competitive advantage. Competitors can quickly copy your products, your processes, and even your cool new business model—but it’s harder to copy a culture….