Previously we spoke about Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software and how insight community management software can help companies by providing social support to customers that exceeds customer care services. We also have mentioned the importance of engagement and how to successfully build customer engagement as it will help to build trust, increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

The holiday season definitely the most exciting time of the year for marketers, consumer insight managers, market researchers and community managers. But it can also be the most challenging. We are all fighting for the same goal… Get our consumers attention!
As we plan our holiday marketing campaigns and look for creative ways to get our customers attention during this joyful time, we have to consider engagement strategies for our online communities….

We hear constant conversations about the benefits of online communities for businesses, as well as ways to engage the community and keep it interesting and involving. But seldom we talk about the challenges many community managers and organizations face before they decide on how to pursue this venue.
As the QuestionPro Communities leader, I am constantly asked about best practices on community setup, engagement and growth.

Need Connected, Engaged Customers?
Identifying innovative customer engagement solutions is not an easy task. But more often than not, we forget to look into the fundamentals that get engaged customers and them connected with you and your brand. As I was thinking about ways to boost customer engagement, I suddenly realized that I should focus on starting with the basics.

Build Customer Engagement
Building successful customer engagement in a community is easier than you imagine. Communities administrators usually have a big customer email database, and are ready to start building their communities, but oftentimes they have a big question mark cloud hovering over their heads. The most common troubling questions are: “Great! But once I set it up, what do I do?”, or “How do I get my customers to connect and build customer engagement?”, another common question is “How do I get more members to join my community?”.