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Community Insights Panel
The 2016 NFL draft is currently underway. As I was watching teams pick their players, I thought about how quickly these teams need to make decisions in an ever-changing environment. Sure, they do their research beforehand on each player. However, there’s no telling how the draft is going to go and which player another team is going to select before a team makes its pick….

Come One, Come all: Top 3 Reasons to Have a Community Member Portal
In a recent post, I talked about the benefits of converting your customer list into a community. This is what savvy companies are doing to help get better insights and amp up their research efforts. Even savvier companies are reaping the rewards of a community that has an online member portal….

The holiday season definitely the most exciting time of the year for marketers, consumer insight managers, market researchers and community managers. But it can also be the most challenging. We are all fighting for the same goal… Get our consumers attention!
As we plan our holiday marketing campaigns and look for creative ways to get our customers attention during this joyful time, we have to consider engagement strategies for our online communities….