Build Customer Engagement
Building successful customer engagement in a community is easier than you imagine. Communities administrators usually have a big customer email database, and are ready to start building their communities, but oftentimes they have a big question mark cloud hovering over their heads. The most common troubling questions are: “Great! But once I set it up, what do I do?”, or “How do I get my customers to connect and build customer engagement?”, another common question is “How do I get more members to join my community?”.

A healthy and strong customer relationship is one of the most effective ways to cultivate customer insight and maximize retention. So it’s surprising that so many companies encounter challenges in their ability (or inability) to find ways to  keep their valued customers connected and engaged after they are recruited or after they have purchased a product or service.

Do you know the difference?
Recently I have been seeing a lot of articles and blogs using both terms interchangeably as if they have the same meaning. Writers and even marketers are getting confused about the proper use of these terms for business purposes; however, any company that is willing to become successful nowadays need to understand the difference between the two terms —…