Today, I’m going to share my competitor research hacks in the hopes that you will fare way better than I did.
Dumpster Diving – vs – Value Driving — Which would you pick?
“Instead of spending all of our time and money figuring out what the competition is doing — shouldn’t we just give our customers what they want?”

Anyone who has taken the time to map out customer touchpoints quickly realizes the scope of the map can become extensive and fast. These customer connections can provide a wealth of data from potential product improvements and service enhancements to numerous other ways to improve the overall customer experience and add to the bottom line.
One aspect of these customer connections that can be easily overlooked is that of the salesforce’s role in gathering intelligence about the competition….

The idea behind competitive intelligence isn’t so much to beat the competition, as it is to become the obvious choice for your ideal customer. And if your ideal customer is choosing a competitor and paying more for their product or service than they are for yours, then you are going to want to do some competitive research….

Not every research project requires a fancy survey or focus group.  In fact, a great place to do some exploratory research is LinkedIn.
LinkedIn now has over 80 million members!  (I swear just 2 weeks ago it was 70 million!)  This is an insane “sample” group of professionals that is eager to share information and answer your questions.  …