The Teal Schoolhouse is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support families with food allergy through educational programming and research. Through both teaching and learning, they strive to optimize the health of children and adults with food allergies through proactive community initiatives.
The Code Ana Program is the flagship program of The Teal Schoolhouse.

Secure your data and adhere to the laws of privacy and protection
Is your company collecting customer data and feedback daily? Are you looking for a readily available software infrastructure to help integrate and automate this process? And most importantly, do you require this data to be compliant with the privacy policies of your country and be hosted within your region or on-premise?
Your answer: QuestionPro joins other multinational technology companies in launching their services on locally hosted data centers. 

How often have you heard the phrase “DATA IS THE NEW OIL?” Hands down, the world’s most ‘sought after’ resource in the 21st century is data. It is increasingly becoming important to possess actionable, ready-to-use data by the day. With every industry racing to harness data and the advantages that it brings, we at QuestionPro understand the role that data plays, especially in educational institutes.

With apprehensions growing around the data security and privacy, more and more countries want the data of their citizens to be stored within the country. The need for a secure data storage strategy is a vital part of every boardroom discussion, particularly for SaaS-based companies. There has been a constantly growing focus on how these companies can better handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI)….

Brands are scrambling to collect insights smarter, faster and better in the endeavor of being relevant. Online communities are now becoming the most widely used form of conducting market research. In fact, 74% of all organizations now say that they are using some form of an online community for market research to collect actionable insights. 

Leadership Wyoming is a professional development program for business and community leaders in Wyoming. Each year, a cohort of 50 leaders travel the state for nine-months to better understand the economy, issues, and opportunities of Wyoming. The program is designed to help Wyoming leaders understand the state and grow in their capacity as leaders. Each year, 45-50 leaders are selected for the experience that begins in August and is completed in May….