A new syndicated study from EBONY/QuestionPro considers whether African-Americans today feel as hopeless as slaves heading to the New World during the transatlantic slave trade.
In Neil Gaiman’s television adaptation of American Gods, African deity Anansi (played by Orlando Jones) appears to a group of slaves heading to the New World on a Dutch ship. Dressed in a flashy modern suit, he explains to the chained and terrified group that what lies ahead for them and their descendants are centuries of pain, exploitation and oppression….

We are a country of a diverse population. There are 22 officially recognised languages in India among a huge pool of 1652 native languages still in use. With rural India being rapidly digitised, about 88% of India’s’ rural population which does business and communicate in the local language are now using the internet. A joint survey between KPMG India and Google shows that there are 234 million Indian language internet users….

Why Use a Student Course Evaluation Template?
More often than not, educators put so much of their effort into teaching, creating exams, grading, and helping students during office hours. As a result, gathering feedback from students becomes another pot on the back burner.
Whether at an undergraduate or graduate level, college educators usually take on one of two teaching styles:
Type 1.

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Remember the 2008 economic crash in the US? Guess what started it – Speculative decision making by major companies across the spectrum. And we at QuestionPro are determined to not let that mistake be repeated in the World’s fastest growing major economy – India, where every year nearly 10 million students graduate from colleges.
In a globalized world that we do business today, research driven innovation and business plans are the corner stone of a successful economy….