Whole Plant Access for Autism (WPA4A) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to educate about the possible benefits of cannabis for autism.  They currently offer three programs for the families they help:  

Financial assistance
Education and outreach
Data collection

What started out as two mothers looking for the best care for their children turned into a local group, which then evolved into an online support group that helps families navigate all of the information about safe alternative treatments for autism.

We are awash in talk of data. It has become a truism in the world of business that data is the most valuable resource in the world. Organizations of all sizes are investing in data, data infrastructure, and new uses for streams of data. This has ushered in a new era in which business models are based on “data-plays” and valuations soar if the market recognizes even a modicum of long-term potential….

The switchable consumer model is based on the notion that it is in-effective to go after all prospective customers that are out there. Some are intensely loyal to competing brands, and it will take more than an advertisement or sales pitch to get these consumers to consider your brand, let alone prefer or choose it. However, some prospective customers may prefer a particular brand, but their preference is less intense, they may be open to switching….

Conventional wisdom states that brands, to be successful, need to differentiate themselves from a competing brand by being better on some attributes or benefits. Volvo accomplished this by being known as the safest cars on the road and owned this space for several years. But what about commoditized products and spaces such as the toothpaste? Is Colgate really all that different from Crest?
In many markets, it is tough to differentiate a brand by being perceived as better than other brands on some attributes….

Data center in Dubai, UAE
We are growing significantly in the Middle East region and are pleased to announce the launch of our data center in Dubai that complies with the local data privacy norms and regulations. Our users with a preference for a data center in the Middle East region will now be able to enjoy a faster, secure and overall an awesome experience due to reduced latency….

With apprehensions growing around the data security and privacy, more and more countries want the data of their citizens to be stored within the country. The need for a secure data storage strategy is a vital part of every boardroom discussion, particularly for SaaS-based companies. There has been a constantly growing focus on how these companies can better handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI)….