Secure your data and adhere to the laws of privacy and protection
Is your company collecting customer data and feedback daily? Are you looking for a readily available software infrastructure to help integrate and automate this process? And most importantly, do you require this data to be compliant with the privacy policies of your country and be hosted within your region or on-premise?
Your answer: QuestionPro joins other multinational technology companies in launching their services on locally hosted data centers. 

With apprehensions growing around the data security and privacy, more and more countries want the data of their citizens to be stored within the country. The need for a secure data storage strategy is a vital part of every boardroom discussion, particularly for SaaS-based companies. There has been a constantly growing focus on how these companies can better handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI)….

How has your market research strategy evolved over the years? With enhanced technology and new data and privacy laws, some say it’s challenging and expensive to keep up. After the 2009 recession, companies that were more adaptable survived while others closed shop. Each year, new buzzwords and trending ideas capture the attention of audiences at industry conferences and research-related events  – …

The market research starts with a need and ends with a satisfactory result. It is good if you base your business decisions based on data-driven research and analysis. Market research provides a broad roadmap to succeed in your dream. The market research software plays an important role in providing a distinct direction by maximizing the two major components of business –

The market research industry is constantly changing, with new methods, advanced tools, and operational efficiency being developed at a fast rate, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest research trends and methods. Companies that are quicker to adopt newer methods, technology and operations strategies can gain a competitive advantage due to the ability to get differentiated insights – companies that utilize similar research methods and processes are likely to get the same data and outputs as their competitors….

What is the need for quantitative data collection? 
In contrast to qualitative data, quantitative data is everything about figures and numbers. Researchers often rely on quantitative data when they intend to quantify attributes, attitudes, behaviors and other defined variables with a motive to either back or oppose the hypothesis of a specific phenomenon by contextualizing the data obtained via surveying or interviewing the study sample.