What is a Quality of Life Questionnaire?
Quality of life questionnaire consists of a set of survey questions that can be used to collect data related to an individual in particular and society in general on various parameters that determine their general quality of life, their natural environment, their health, their living condition, their community and more.

What is the Social Communication Questionnaire?
Social Communication Questionnaire is a 40 survey question set that was earlier known as autism screening questionnaire. This screening questionnaire measures the degree of autism spectrum disorder. A definitive research diagnosis of autism can be made by a seasoned therapist using the social communication questionnaire.
This questionnaire is designed carefully asking only close-ended questions that the respondents need to reply in either a “Yes” or a “No”.

What is a Health History Questionnaire?
A health history questionnaire consists of a set of survey questions that help either medical researcher, doctors or medical professional, hospitals or small clinics to understand the population they provide medical services to.
Using a questionnaire makes it easy to collect and analyze data for anything that can be as simple as college research or developing break-through medical developments.

What is Branding Questionnaire?
A branding questionnaire consists of a set of survey questions that helps businesses achieve their goals with basic marketing and branding strategies. This questionnaire will start to inform your preferred choices to the agency or organization who is working on your brand identity.  
Creating a branding questionnaire is one of the areas in marketing that is often overlooked because it doesn’t always provide direct results that can be measured.

What is a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire?
So, on your way home do you drive in the slow lane or high-speed lane? Every person who is asked this question will have a different propensity for risk.
A risk tolerance questionnaire consists of a set of survey questions that help an individual understand the nature of investment style and what kind of investor to better reflect their situation and any risk associated with the investments.

What is a Bipolar Questionnaire?
The bipolar questionnaire consists of survey questions that help a certified medical professional like psychiatrists, primary care clinicians, and neurologists to understand and diagnose whether an individual has bipolar disorder or not.
The goal of deploying this questionnaire is to let the individuals self-assess their knowledge to understand their own condition.