There are many ways to know what your customers think about your business. The most common and successful method out of all is to send out an NPS survey. It consists of a list of questions that collect data related to customer experience. All types of NPS surveys such as relationship NPS, transactional NPS, brand NPS, and many others generate a net promoter score based on a 0-10 rating given by customers….

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used to measure customer loyalty and how likely they are to refer your products and services to others. NPS helps identify who among your customers are promoters, passives, and detractors. Loyal customers are an asset to any company and are a great way to keep the business running. Getting new business is often considered tougher than renewing existing contracts….

In today’s highly competitive business world everything is about customers. Businesses obsessively focusing on customer intelligence, engagement, and most important loyalty, have greater chances to succeed.  
Net Promoter Score 
NPS is a Net Promoter Score, a scale to measure customer loyalty. It is a single question survey asked to find out customers’

Net Promoter Score or NPS is a great scale to measure how a business is performing. Signing up and using the product is just a mark on that scale. Renewing the license to continue using the product is another mark on the scale. When customers agree to recommend your product or service, only then you did achieve the NPS Gold bar.

How do you come to know on what basis do customers make decisions? You can engage with them in informal meetups and on social media. But, how do you collate data and generate meaningful insights out of it? This is where the voice of customer analytics comes to help.
Voice of customer surveys creates a communication channel between the business and customers….

Voice of Customer (VOC) is extremely important in creating the best products and offering the best services in any industry.  However, implementing the best practices in the voice of customer surveys is the most common challenge most organizations come across. It’s even harder to follow the best practices without the effective voice of customer tools.
The voice of the customer survey program should be planned such that it brings customers’ experience and suggestions to the surface hidden deep in the results.