Better customer service is equal to enhanced brand loyalty 
“What do my customers want?” This is the question that every organization today is concerned with. Modern businesses have already understood the fact that coming up with great products and services is only one side of the coin. An amazing customer experience bundled with great products and services is what keeps your business ahead of competitors.

Unlike B2C companies, B2B organisations invest much lesser in improving their clients’ experience and engagement with their organisation. According to a 2016 study by Gallup: Analytics & Advice, 71% of B2B clients are not engaged. Disengaged or dissatisfied client means your organisation’s revenue is at risk. Immaterial of nature of the business, customer loyalty is highly influenced by the customer satisfaction and engagement pre and post-sale.

It’s no secret that happy, loyal customers are your business’s most valuable asset; a loyal customer is worth up to 7x more than a new one! For that reason, consumer-facing companies find it essential to have some type of customer loyalty program. From the ubiquitous and tech-savvy Starbucks App to the paper punch card at the cafe down the street, there’s a solution available for every type of business at every price point….

If you missed our Part 2 Webinar – Customer Journey Mapping and Best Practices, we’ve got you covered. David Hicks teamed up with our CEO Vivek Bhaskaran to talk about the second foundation of building a successful CX program – customer journey mapping. We will walk you through customer journey mapping and best practices and present alongside a case study with Emirates Airlines….

We hope you were able to join our webinar Not Just a Number: Using NPS to Improve Customer Experience with special guest and Customer Experience Expert Shep Hyken! Even if you weren’t able to attend, we’d still like to share some of the valuable knowledge he shared. Here’s a recap:
1. Question: What are some Customer Experience Trends in 2017?
Shep: 72% of businesses now say that improving Customer Experience is their top priority….

According to a study by Walker, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. How well do you understand your customers today?
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations have never been as critical as it is in today’s digital world. Whether you are an airline or a retailer, you need to think differently about optimizing the physical and digital experience to better engage with your customers to create a higher customer lifetime value….