How do you come to know on what basis do customers make decisions? You can engage with them in informal meetups and on social media. But, how do you collate data and generate meaningful insights out of it? This is where the voice of customer analytics comes to help.
Voice of customer surveys creates a communication channel between the business and customers….

Voice of Customer (VOC) is extremely important in creating the best products and offering the best services in any industry.  However, implementing the best practices in the voice of customer surveys is the most common challenge most organizations come across. It’s even harder to follow the best practices without the effective voice of customer tools.
The voice of the customer survey program should be planned such that it brings customers’ experience and suggestions to the surface hidden deep in the results.

Have you ever noticed that whenever it’s time for budget cuts, marketing programs and market research are always at the top of the list?  That’s because these activities tend to fall into the “nice to have or nice to do” category of expenses rather than the “must do” category.  I mean, when have you ever seen a company cut down on production or sales when times are tough and they need to get orders in and push orders out?…

Companies often struggle to make the most of their advertising dollars.  Fortunately, an effective lead generation strategy can drive qualified leads to their business.  Qualified leads have a higher level of interest in your products or services and are more likely to close a deal or buy from you.  Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a sound lead generation strategy….

We have recently debuted a number of new features available on QuestionPro. This is a quick re-cap of three of the top features, where to find them and what they do….