Not Just a Score: 5 Ways to use NPS to Drive Growth

What’s the best way to ensure business growth? Measuring the customer experience with Net Promoter Score (NPS) is key to growing your business – but it doesn’t stop there. How you use NPS to measure and take action are paramount to your company’s health. I will outline below 5 different ways you can use NPS to drive growth and customer loyalty….

“On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us [company] to your friends or colleagues?” That’s the basic Net Promoter Score (NPS) question that many businesses today use to understand their customers’ overall satisfaction, based on their experiences. Because NPS is a single number that measures the overall experience, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint which interaction(s) or touchpoint leaves a customer dissatisfied….

With all the talk of data security as of late, it is important that we address another aspect of security – namely customer security. Marketers measure customer loyalty and spend considerable time and resources attempting to understand and master it. This has been going on for as long as there has been competition. As a topic, customer loyalty has been thoroughly researched by academics and practitioners alike….

Customer Trust Online

How do you build a relationship of trust with your customers? It’s easiest when you can connect with them in person – you can read their expressions as you interact and more easily understand their needs and their perspective. Even in phone conversations, the customer’s tone of voice can help you ascertain their feelings….

Customer Engagement
The new Star Wars movie just came out, and one thing is quite clear to all of us: the undoubtful power of  customer loyalty and customer engagement.
When looking at all the buzz created by Star Was brand, all that I can think of is the power of brand and customer loyalty. In this case, knowing their fan base, knowing their loyalty, and knowing how to speak directly to them is what has resulted in so much anticipation and excitement around the new movie.

Build Customer Engagement
Building successful customer engagement in a community is easier than you imagine. Communities administrators usually have a big customer email database, and are ready to start building their communities, but oftentimes they have a big question mark cloud hovering over their heads. The most common troubling questions are: “Great! But once I set it up, what do I do?”, or “How do I get my customers to connect and build customer engagement?”, another common question is “How do I get more members to join my community?”.