20 Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions You Can’t Afford to Miss

Think your customers value low prices above all else? What better way to find out, than to ask customer these questions directly? Gauging your current consumers is the easiest way to approach future consumers, so start creating customer satisfaction surveys and asking them what they want and need out of a company. Customers are always comparison-shopping and chances are, if you can nail the consumer relevance, your business is going to succeed….

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Customer Churn Definition
Importance of Predicting Customer Churn
Customer Churn Rate Calculation
Customer Churn Calculation Example
How to Reduce Customer Churn using 6 Simple Ways
Advantages of Customer Churn Prevention

Customer Churn Definition
Customer churn or customer attrition is the phenomenon where customers of a business no longer purchase or interact with the business.

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS) Calculation?
Net Promoter Score is a system that’s meant to go beyond testing the satisfaction levels of the customer with the company. It is a measurement index that ranges from 0-10, that is used to measure the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It retrieves data that can help organizations conclude how satisfied someone is with their brand and whether they would spread a word about it.

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