The economy is struggling, and small businesses have been hit the hardest. However, amid all the downsizing and leveling of growth there are lessons to be learned, ones which are forgotten in better economic times.
Money Means Frills – As a business owner, its easy to be seduced by things you think you need, especially when those in the same industry think they need them as well….

It was only going to be a matter of time before someone figured out that random people milling around social media channels was going to be difficult to mobilize once the technology hit the mainstream.
We’ve already seen how this works on MySpace; as soon as Facebook got into the picture and allowed for tighter, more personal relationships to develop, the random associations via MySpace fizzled….

Product proliferation is often a function of improving customer service and experience.  A customer says they love product A and would buy millions of them — if only you could change the color from black to green.
From that point on, it’s a slippery slope to where if one customer can make a special request, then another makes a special request.  …