10 excellent employee engagement survey questions

What is an employee engagement survey?

An employee engagement survey is a process that measures various factors that contribute to employee engagement and retention rates. Every organization must keep on tracking the employee engagement to determine whether your employees are happy or not and how long they will work for the company. 

The questions in an employee engagement survey are added considering the organization’s employee to find out the level of engagement with the organization at large because engaged employees will help you in growing your organization. In contrast, disengaged employees will burn out your money. 

“According to the study, organizations with high employee engagement rates are 21 percent more profitable.” 

An employee engagement survey is a great way to communicate with your employees, where the decisive questions asked in the survey are more effective as compared to the one-to-one conversation with each employee. Moreover, employees are much comfortable in filling up the survey rather than having a one-to-one discussion with the HR head. This results in more quality responses, which help in in-depth analysis. 

Top 10 Excellent Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Add these ten excellent employment questions in your survey to get better and quality responses from your employees so you can work on improving your employee engagement.


The relationship of the employees with their managers is one of the most important relationships in the job environment. Asking management related questions in your survey can tell you whether your managers are working under the guidelines and whether your management team is working under the policies. 

Questions to ask related to Management

  1. Do you receive valuable feedback from your managers?

This question indicates the coordination level of your employees with their managers.

  1. Do you think the employee appraisal process is fair?

This question must be included to know whether the appraisal cycle is fine, reviews provided are up to the mark based on the work they have done in the entire year, and the salary expectation was met or not.


Teamwork is an important element for any organization which enables the organization to complete the project on time rather than depending on the individual employee to tackle the projects. Teamwork also helps in problem-solving, communication of ideas, learning opportunities, and many more.

Asking teamwork related questions in your survey will help your organization know whether the team bonding is healthy or not, winning team culture is present or not, and the working relationship between the employees is good or bad. 

Questions to ask related to teamwork

  1. Does your team motivate you to complete your tasks?

This question indicates the motivation level present within the team and how supportive the team members are with each other. 

  1. Do you think teamwork and participation are strong in your organization?

Asking this question in your survey will help you know whether your employees have the right level of employee trust in their co-workers and how every team member participates in completing the project deadline. 

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Growth Opportunities

The most important factor which motivates the employees to work and participate in whether they are getting the opportunity to grow within the organization. Also, the employees will be more engaged at work if they feel that they can grow in the organization rather than hitting the heads on the wall without any vision. 

Asking the growth-related questions in the survey will help the organizations know the job satisfaction level from the employees’ perspective and how long they will stay in the organization. Moreover, what inputs they can an organization implement to improve the employee retention rate.  

Questions to ask related to growth opportunities

  1. Do you see growth opportunities in this organization?

This question indicates whether your employees are satisfied with their job, salary, work culture, and how long they will stay in the organization. 

  1. Were you provided the correct training when new processes/software was introduced?

This question will help the organization to know whether your employees were provided the correct training on the tools or software which they are working upon. 

Work-life balance 

The most important responsibility for any organization to fulfill is work-life balance. It allows employees to divide the energy and time between work and other personal commitments of life, which results in the boost of morale, productivity, and revenue.

It’s important to include work-life balance related questions in the employee engagement survey to know whether your employees are not working under stress and also to check whether the fun is built into the work culture or not.

“A company with a good company culture increase revenue by 4X.”

Questions to ask related to work-life balance

  1. Does your organization support a healthy work-life balance?

This question must be added in the survey to check whether your employees can balance their professional and personal life at the same time. 

  1. Do you feel the amount of work giving to you is fair?

An important question that helps the organizations to know that the time and work of the employees is balanced. 

Active Communication 

Active communication plays a vital role in the development of the organization. In fact, it plays a role in business development, employee management, and business relations. Also, effective communication comes into effect when the manager wants to perform the basic functioning of management like planning, organizing, and controlling.

Adding the questions related to communication will help the organization to check whether there is no lack of communication between team members and higher management

Questions to ask related to communication

  1. Does your manager communicate the information clearly?

Adding this question in the survey will help the organization in tracking whether there is no miscommunication among the employees. 

  1. What do you feel about your team communication?

The most important question from both team and project perspective. It will help the organization in identifying the lack of communication within the team (if any), which can affect both the project deadlines and business profit.

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What is the need of the Employee engagement survey?

Engaged employees are the brand ambassadors for any organization. They are the people who will serve your customers day-in and day-out. Considering this, every organization must add employee engagement surveys in their business process to know the level of employee engagement and how the organization can work on to boost it up.  

Employee engagement surveys help the organization to deep-dive into the analysis based on the responses they have received for different parameters like management, communication, work-life balance, growth opportunities, and many others. When it comes to innovation and growth, employee engagement is a key factor that can only be achieved through engagement surveys.

Employee engagement surveys must be designed, considering both the organization and the reporting manager. 

Employee engagement with “The Organization” 

This measures the engagement of employees with the organization, leadership, and other higher management. 

In the US, disengaged employees cost companies around $450-500 billion each year.  

Employee engagement with “The Manager”

This is a more specific measurement of how employees are engaged with their manager in terms of feedback, project management, communication, and others. 

Amazing Benefits of Employee Engagement survey

It’s not only about paying your employees and getting the work done. But the fact is you should give the voice to your employees through the regular employee engagement surveys and work on the responses you received. In turn, your employees will be engaged and can flawlessly serve your customers and bring good profit out of it. 

If your employees trust you, then only they can follow and stay with the organization for a longer duration. Check out here the fantastic benefits you can grab out by deploying employee engagement survey:

  1. Know your employee sentiment: When you send the survey to your entire team, you can quickly determine how your workforce is enjoying their job – which part they like and which part they hate. Based on the consolidated responses, you can easily identify the sentiments of your employees.
  2. Drives Organization Growth: Say Example “ if you deploy the survey to your employees about which software is best for customer success? “. With the responses of the survey on hand, your leadership team can make a decision and come up with the software which best suits and helps in the business growth.
  3. Gather Qualitative data in less time: Gathering feedback from your employees through an engagement survey is far better than inviting the team on a one-to-one basis and getting feedback from them. This will save a lot of time, as on a single click, you can get feedback from the entire organization.
  4. Compare Different Teams: After receiving the feedback from the employees, the organization can make the comparison of data between different teams to have an understanding of which team is most or least engaged.