What is Organizational Commitment?
Organizational commitment is defined as a view of an organization’s member’s psychology towards his/her attachment to the organization that he/she is working for. Organizational commitment plays a pivotal role in determining whether an employee will stay with the organization for a longer period of time and work passionately towards achieving the organization’s goal.

What are Exit Survey Questions?
Exit survey questions is a pre-set questionnaire that is used in the exit interview process of an outgoing employee, either in the form of a survey or as verbal questions. It always recommended using the exit interview questionnaire as an online survey, as this enables you to run analytics on the gathered information for exponentially more insights.

Many organisations, global and Indian have rigid rules at work place. The fixed work timings, HR policies, employee appraisals and even fun activities happen as per schedule like clockwork. For India’s millennials in the workforce, more than 400 million in number, flexibility is one of the highly sought after option when it comes to work. This gap raises employee unhappiness despite being well paid.  

In May 2016, France took a major leap in employee laws that help prevent employee burnout by banning company bosses from sending emails to employees post their work-hour. This applies to all companies that have 50 or more employees.
For the World beyond the European Union, this was a weird and too-liberal a step by the French Government….

Since their first wave of popularity in the 1970s, employee surveys have become sophisticated instruments that provide accurate, timely feedback about worker morale. The tools and software have evolved – and now the questions we ask in these surveys need to evolve, too.
The standard practice in almost all organizational surveys is to rely on what my daughter, Dr….

Not every company can be Google when it comes to entertaining and comforting employees. But the good news is that you don’t have to be. Studies show that employees do not always want fancy lounges or lush green parks around their work space in order the best time working for a company. Instead there are just a few basic expectations that need to be considered to keep your people happy….