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Talk Like TED – Book Review – NewMR


Ray Poynter reviews the book “Talk like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds” written by Carmine Gallo. Over 500 talks are analyzed in the book, examining videos, interviewing speakers, and working with those behind the scenes at TED.


Mobile Market Research – Improved Touchpoint Analysis – Green Book Blog


Edward Appleton interviews Fiona Blades, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of MESH, a new and powerful player in the research industry.


Don’t Push That Button! Dropdowns vs. Radio Buttons – Research Access


Dropdowns vs. Radio Buttons – which ones should you choose for a survey? Greg Timpany of Global Knowledge examines a study comparing the two question types and the scenarios in which each one works best.


Getting Unstuck: SmallBizDaily


Entrepreneurs go through many ups and down during the course of their day. Rieva Lesonsky of SmallBizDaily offers a few tips for dealing with identifying problematic areas of small business, managing employees, issues that “trap” business owners and a common theme of dealing with fear and failure.


How Social Media Can Ruin Your Brand: 5 Ways To Keep It Safe – Business2Community


Amidst all the articles promoting social media for marketing and small business purposes, it’s not a free-for-all: it still must be used with caution! Pamela Wilson of Business2Community provides us with 5 mistakes to avoid when trying to build up your brand.

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