Saying “Thank You!” to your customers this time of the year is as important as having a turkey on a Thanksgiving dinner table! Your loyal customers are your most valuable asset, and the returns of thanking them for their collaboration and participation goes beyond appreciation and relationship strengthening.
Your Loyal Customers are the Heart of Your Company
As the heart of your business, your loyal customers should be valued as such!

The holiday season definitely the most exciting time of the year for marketers, consumer insight managers, market researchers and community managers. But it can also be the most challenging. We are all fighting for the same goal… Get our consumers attention!
As we plan our holiday marketing campaigns and look for creative ways to get our customers attention during this joyful time, we have to consider engagement strategies for our online communities….

We hear constant conversations about the benefits of online communities for businesses, as well as ways to engage the community and keep it interesting and involving. But seldom we talk about the challenges many community managers and organizations face before they decide on how to pursue this venue.
As the QuestionPro Communities leader, I am constantly asked about best practices on community setup, engagement and growth.


What is a Market Research Online Community (MROC)?
Market Research Online Community (MROC) is a relatively comprehensive technique of gathering real-time qualitative market research insights. This technique consists of a typical closed group of community members, that participate in a structured discussion around a given topic.
In the worlds of marketing and market research, anthropology, sociology, and social research, “online community”…