Survey Themes
Survey Themes is one of the back-end areas which plays a very important role in the designing  a survey. QuestionPro offers a wide range of options to choose the perfect theme for your survey from. The right theme enhances the look and feel of a survey and gives users a different experience. You can select from the available themes or even customize a theme to suit your requirements….

Convert Survey Data to Web-based Reports with QuestionPro Caspio Integration
With QuestionPro Caspio integration, you can seamlessly update your online database and easily convert survey data into rich, interactive, web-based reports that the authorized users and public can access from anywhere. This allows you to take full advantage of data collected using QuestionPro for your existing business apps without any modifications required at your end….

In every life cycle of software comes a point where it no longer becomes feasible to continue using certain parts of the overall program, this is even more problematic when the application is not modularly designed. On the other hand it is time to just retire what was made and replace/rebuild it from the ground up for current standards and technologies like Microsoft does every few years for Windows….

Collecting costumer insights is a year round practice that should not be taken lightly. But how can we do it during the busiest time of the year? How can we unleash this powerful source of information during the Holidays, when everyone is fighting for the same goals: sales?
Here are a few insights that I have learned, some on the hard way, and that is now helping me plan my own campaigns.


In this week’s webinar our speakers discussed the unique role that Online Communities play in today’s digitalized world, highlighting the importance of customer engagement and how it can improve your customers experience. Additionally, our speakers highlighted how an online platform, such as QuestionPro Communities, can provide businesses and organizations the right environment and tools for such engaging activities.

Anyone who has taken the time to map out customer touchpoints quickly realizes the scope of the map can become extensive and fast. These customer connections can provide a wealth of data from potential product improvements and service enhancements to numerous other ways to improve the overall customer experience and add to the bottom line.
One aspect of these customer connections that can be easily overlooked is that of the salesforce’s role in gathering intelligence about the competition….