A year ago, we published a series of best practice for questionnaire development. This year, we would like to highlight some common mistakes that research practitioners should avoid, to ensure their data collection effort is not wasted. We are calling them The Seven Deadly Sins Of Questionnaire Design. The Seven Deadly Sins emerged from an ecclesiastic era, and since then have evolved as broader ethic markers for those who prefer disinfected consciences.

I proactively work with many digital communication teams today who work endlessly to improve communications with their customers, with email in particular. The average number of business-related emails sent and received is on average 121 each day, and is expected to soar to at least 140 in 2018. The challenge with this is competing with the other 120 emails and increasing your response rate….

Gaining as much information possible from a survey is the ultimate goal of any market researcher. Deducing how an audience will interact with the survey questions presented to them is only half the battle. To get the most out of a market research study, researchers must intrigue, captivate and engage their respondents.
Often times surveys can feel forced to participants, making them feel stressed or as if there is a hidden agenda behind the questions….

By popular demand of our customers, we hosted a free webinar last week on insightful tips to increase the response rate of your surveys. Our featured speakers were Dr.P.Vigneswara Ilavarasan- Director of Research, IIT Delhi and Harshad Deshpande-Product Manager, QuestionPro and together they brought collective experience in best practices of research and survey building to the discussion….

Increase Survey Response Rates
We devoted a large piece of the webinar to answering your questions about how to increase survey response rates… you’ll find that Q&A session in the second part of the video. In addition, below you’ll find a bit more detail on some questions that were posed, as well as answers to questions that we didn’t have time to answer on the webinar….

I’ve been thinking about the “zen” of doing a successful survey.  As with many things, it’s taking the time to perfect specific techniques that ultimately leads to not only high response rates, but high quality feedback that actually means something.
I’ve pulled together a series of successful survey tips that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.  …