Most important part of the survey process is to create questions that accurately measures opinions and behavior of respondents. Response rates will be wasted if the information gathered is based on biased questions. Gathering good feedback involves both, writing good questions and using a good survey design to organize those questions.
Survey design is a multistep process that requires attention to many details.

Here at QuestionPro, we’re always working to give you the best resources to help you gain the insights you need. We’ve expanded our Multi-Point Scale Matrix Table question type by introducing the new Bipolar Matrix question type!
Matrix Questions Overview
A matrix table can be used when asking about the same set of characteristics for multiple items, such as how often a respondent uses a set of products….

We have entered the AI Chat-bot market! Our new product – Forms, was released this week. Forms leverages our existing survey platform to create survey and forms that are completed through an interactive chat front-end. Its takes 5 minutes to create a fully functional chat-bot from scratch – no coding required! All the while increasing your response rate by 500%!…

There’s no doubt that custom variables offer a great deal of benefits to users–from personalized survey email invitations to passing data values to subsequent survey questions.
However, when approached with the need for data about a specific group from a large number of respondents, researchers look to custom variables as a tried and true research tool.

How to Move Your Surveys into QuestionPro
QuestionPro has developed a simple three-step process to port your existing surveys into QuestionPro’s platform. QuestionPro supports almost every FluidSurveys question type and gives enterprise clients the choice of where to store their data.
In three easy steps, an existing FluidSurveys customer can migrate their data and surveys into a QuestionPro account;…